Why You Need To Use ReliaPost To Share Content With Clients

Why You Need To Use ReliaPost To Share Content With Clients

Today, building a brand takes consistency. With so many online channels to market your brand, how can your marketing team manage and share branded content across platforms to deliver a consistent message? 

We understand your frustration! There’s nothing worse than missing out on leads or sales because of inconsistent content. ReliaPost offers agencies a tool to connect with brands and obtain all the information they need.

Why You Need to Use ReliaPost to Share Content With Clients

Today, if your brand has a national impact but a local focus, consistency of messaging can be difficult. While collaboration of your brand’s message across platforms and markets is more important than ever before, it’s also more difficult than ever before.

Having your national and local media advertising and social campaigns align is critical to successfully building your brand. ReliaPost offers you a quick and easy solution to deliver consistent brand messaging across multiple platforms.

Local businesses that sell your product often struggle to create consistent content for social media pages. Issues can range from not having clear images, to not being able to access strategic messaging. The end result is inconsistent messaging and even if you’re meeting sales goals, you’re sales could be even higher.

With ReliaPost you can unite your brand’s local and national marketing efforts to improve messaging, deliver a consistent brand image, and extend your brand’s marketing platform.

How It Works

ReliaPost acts as a centralized marketing information platform where you can post relevant content for new products, services or sales. This can include images, branded product posts, and more, all of which can be scheduled for release. They can also be easily accessed by local businesses or marketing agencies to maintain consistent brand-appropriate content.

With ReliaPost, your brand ambassadors can then personalize approved content. All content posted by contributors is approved for sharing and guaranteed to have accurate information. When you select a post you like, it can be customized to meet your business’s personality. Add location-specific information to optimize engagement and know your local and national messaging campaigns are in alignment.

ReliaPost lets you schedule posts in a matter of minutes. You can plan your social media release calendar, and you could schedule 10 pieces of approved content to multiple platforms in under 15 minutes. ReliaPost allows you to select which manufacturers, products, or events to promote and how often you’d like to showcase information.

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Having approved content ready and available for social media distribution improves your marketing efforts. Curated content means that when it comes time to post on social media, your local and national advertising will be aligned. Your agency can act as a brand ambassador so your marketing team can focus on the bigger picture.

ReliaPost will keep your content consistent across your brand’s advertising and allows agencies to easily get the advertising, images, and information they need. Register today and see what ReliaPost can do for you!