Behind The Scenes Of Using ReliaPost As A Provider

Behind The Scenes Of Using ReliaPost As A Provider

ReliaPost is a centralized marketing information platform which allows brands to post marketing content for new products, services or sales across multiple social platforms. For social media posts, this can include branded product posts, images, and more, all of which you can schedule for release. The information can be easily accessed by your marketing agencies as well as local businesses to maintain consistent brand-appropriate content.

Benefits to the Agencies

Agencies can log into the ReliaPost platform and select approved posts, customize them for their store, and seamlessly share brand-approved content to their faithful followers on social media. This helps solve two problems at one time. 

First, your business doesn’t have to struggle to generate social media posts. Secondly, ReliaPost allows you to connect any national or seasonal ad campaign to your business with a few clicks of a mouse. Anything from a sale on roofing or siding material (Owens Corning or your local lumber yard), car sales (Ford or Toyota), outerwear, shoes, or jeans, ReliaPost is your one-stop application that connects brands to agencies.

How to Control what’s Being Posted to the Agency’s Social Media

With ReliaPost, your brand ambassadors can seamlessly personalize approved content. Moreover, all content posted by contributors is approved for social sharing and guaranteed to relay accurate information. You simply select a post you like and it is customized to meet your business’s personality. By adding location-specific information, you can optimize engagement and rest assured your local and national marketing campaigns are in alignment. So, your agencies will only have your already approved posts, customize them for their stores, and share them on social media.

Benefits of ReliaPost to Your Brand

ReliaPost is an innovative platform allowing you to post fresh content from your popular brands. Here are the key benefits you’ll draw from ReliaPost:

1- Have Content Readily Available for your Agencies

One of the key advantages of ReliaPost is it gives you instant content for a wide variety of ad campaigns. Instead of spending a lot of time creating marketing content for your company, you can seamlessly schedule fresh content instantly for your marketing agencies. 

2- Updated Content Increases Customer Engagement

ReliaPost helps keep your content up to date, which will significantly enhance customer engagement across all social media channels. To keep your content up to date, you simply schedule the post across your social media channels for the day you want it to go live. These posts are always a fantastic way to engage with clients and potential customers, which eventually improves the reputation of your business. 

3- Easily Keep Your Marketing Strategies On Track

Last but not least, ReliaPost helps you provide quality content to all your agencies and keep your marketing strategy on track. Time can be limited in the workplace, and it can be a challenge getting everything finished in a day. Instead of trying to manage multiple social media platforms by yourself, you can use ReliaPost to automatically post content for all your marketing agencies for various social media channels.

Contact ReliaPost for All of Your Social Media Marketing Needs!

ReliaPost is an excellent way to connect your business with pre-approved social media content from your most popular brands. These social media ads provide unique content to promote your brand and help you reach a broad range of customers. Try ReliaPost today and see how it can help your business gain a significant edge over your competition.