Social Posting Features 2020-02-05T14:56:33-06:00

Fresh Content 

ReliaPost allows you to select from different types of content for your social media page. You can choose a specified date and time for it to be automatically published to your platforms.

Quality Images at Your Fingertips 

Many times, businesses struggle to attain and organize images that can be used for social media. With ReliaPost, crisp images are already programmed and available within each post.

Branded Product Posts 

Attaining great content from your manufacturers just got easier. Gone are the days of downloading images and compiling your own captions to generate a great social piece. ReliaPost gives you, the business owner, easy-to-post content from contributors which is consistent with proven-performance marketing data and branding.

Personalize Approved Content 

Curating content is one thing, but ensuring it meets the requirements of your manufacturers, franchisor, or parent corporation is a whole new battle. All content posted by contributors is approved for sharing and is guaranteed to have accurate information. When you select a post you like, you have the ability to customize the captions to meet your business’s personality. This is a great opportunity to add location-specific information to optimize your feeds!

Schedule Your Content All At Once 

ReliaPost lets you schedule many posts in a matter of minutes to plan your social calendar. For example, scheduling 10 different pieces of content could take under 15 minutes! Posting to multi-platforms is also easy to do through a few clicks of a button.

Control What Your Audience Sees 

Your manufacturers have many social posting options for you. Using ReliaPost, you can select which manufacturers to promote and how often you would like to showcase their products or information.

Connect & Post for More Than One Business 

As a social media page administrator, you’ll be able to connect all of your pages into your personal account. This allows you to schedule & post content to the social page of your choice.

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