How Does ReliaPost Save You Time And Money

How Does ReliaPost Save You Time And Money

ReliaPost is an innovative, centralized marketing information platform which enables brands and agencies to better coordinate and have a faster turnout of social media content. This can include branded product posts, videos, images, and more, all of which you can schedule for release at a convenient time. Your marketing agencies as well as local businesses can seamlessly access this information, helping you maintain consistent brand-appropriate content.

Benefits of ReliaPost to the Agencies

First, your agencies won’t have to scramble to put together social posts for big sales campaigns or any other promotions various brands are running.  They can simply log into the ReliaPost platform and select approved posts, customize them for their stores, and seamlessly share brand-approved content to their followers on social media.  This strategy helps solve two problems simultaneously.  

One, your business does not need to struggle to generate social media posts. And two, ReliaPost allows you to connect any seasonal or national ad campaign to your business with a few clicks. Whether it’s a sale on roofing or siding material, outerwear, jeans, or shoes, ReliaPost is your one-stop solution to connect brands to agencies.

Benefits of ReliaPost to Brands

Perhaps the most notable benefit of ReliaPost to your brand is it allows you to consistently post fresh content from your popular brands. But other key benefits you’ll draw from ReliaPost include:

1. Saves You Money On Having to Create Your Own Ad Content

ReliaPost gives you instant content for a wide range of ad campaigns, saving you time and money. Instead of using a lot of time creating marketing content for your small business, you can seamlessly schedule fresh content for your marketing agencies with a click of a mouse. 

2. It Helps You Keep Content Up to Date

ReliaPost helps keep your marketing content up to date, which helps to enhance customer engagement across all social media channels. In order to keep your content up to date, you only need to create an automated posting process on your social media channels. Sharing up to date content is a fantastic way to engage with your clients and potential customers, which eventually enhances the reputation of your business. 

3. Helps Keep Your Marketing Strategies On Track

Last but certainly not least, ReliaPost helps you share quality content with all your agencies to keep your marketing strategy on track. Time is always limited in the workplace, and it can be a huge challenge finishing every task on a given day. Instead of trying to run multiple social media platforms by yourself, ReliaPost allows you to automatically create content for all your marketing agencies for different social media channels.

How to Manage what’s Posted On the Agency’s Social Media

With ReliaPost, your brand ambassadors can personalize approved content for social sharing to guarantee your agencies are relaying accurate information. You simply select a post you like and customize it to meet your business’s personality. Moreover, you can add location-specific information to optimize engagement and align your local and national marketing campaigns. In other words, your agencies will only customize your pre-approved posts, customize them for their individual stores, and share them on social media.

Try ReliaPost for Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Today!

There is no doubt ReliaPost is an excellent way to connect your business with pre-approved social media content from reputable brands. The platform provides unique content to promote your brand and help you reach a wide range of clients. Try ReliaPost today and experience for yourself how it can boost your sales and give you an edge over your competition.