ReliaPost Pricing 2020-01-22T13:07:31-06:00

Two pricing options are available. Our Enterprise plan is for brands offering agencies marketing plans. This allows the brand to include the cost of ReliaPost in their marketing plans, and the agency receives an account at no cost to them. If not, the brand and the agency both subscribe, but at a lower cost.

Whatever model your brand uses, ReliaPost solves multiple issues found in national ad campaigns by connecting it to the local agency, and agencies are using corporate approved messaging and extending their marketing reach. All of these are priceless, but we have limited the cost! Agency pricing can be as little at $99.99.

A brand selecting Enterprise pays an average of $7,250/month. A brand selecting Agency pays an average of $2500/month. This allows the agency to subscribe on their own for $49.99.

Either way, your brand can reach as many targets as you decide; i.e., a Ford dealer can share content to every dealership in the US and Canada. Owens Corning can share content to every roofing contractor in the US and Canada.


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