How To Raise Brand Awareness With ReliaPost

How To Raise Brand Awareness With ReliaPost

Digital marketing has changed the way we advertise and promote products and services. As the digital space evolves and gets ever more crowded, you must reach out in a consistent way to potential customers.

Creating a marketing campaign means developing a message and then broadcasting it to multiple channels. Coordinating your messaging is a critical element for the success of any strategy. There’s a tool that can help align and share your brand’s message through social media posts. This extends the effectiveness of your existing marketing platforms. 

Meet ReliaPost! The perfect way to raise brand awareness through aligned social media advertising.

Create a Consistent Brand Image and Message

Many small businesses often struggle to create branding content for their social media pages. Issues can range from poor quality images to not being able to access strategic corporate messaging. The result is an inconsistent brand image which can actually cost you sales. ReliaPost makes it easier to create a unified brand image and message. Doing so unites your brand’s national campaigns and local efforts extending the reach of your brand.

With ReliaPost you can create and curate approved brand content that aligns nationally with your manufacturers, franchisor or parent corporation as a whole. The content can still be customized by distributors to fit the individual needs of a local business. It’s guaranteed to have accurate information and is customizable to meet your businesses’ unique needs and personality. Add location-specific information for better reach. Post consistent information and images across all of your social media channels, optimizing your content’s effectiveness.

Reach More Potential Customers With A Well Defined Brand

Creating a consistent brand across platforms will help you to reach more potential customers with a memorable message. Conventional wisdom, backed by studies, has shown it takes an average of seven “impressions” before a message begins to sink in.

If you’re delivering inconsistent messages, with different levels of quality, it could take significantly more impressions before a potential customer recognizes your brand and acts. With ReliaPost, you can schedule posts in minutes, for example scheduling 10 different pieces of content across multiple platforms could take less than 15 minutes. This means you’ll reach more potential customers faster and with a unified message encouraging action on their part.

How it Works

With ReliaPost you can centralize and curate your content to maintain brand consistency. Agencies, distributors, franchisees, or anyone who needs access to materials can immediately access approved, consistent, quality content. This aligns your marketing efforts with a planned brand representation.

Having your brand’s content readily accessible produces a streamlined process for everyone. Business owners can quickly advertise on social media platforms extending your brand’s reach and opening new markets.

Unify Your Brand Messaging With ReliaPost!

Are you ready to expand your brand’s reach, unify your marketing, and create a consistent message? Try ReliaPost today and see how brand consistency can increase your ROI.