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Keep Your Content Up to Date 

Do you want to let your business owners share time-sensitive social media posts promoting a regional or national sales campaign, or a new product or service? ReliaPost enables you to set time periods in which businesses can share your content. This process ensures your seasonal campaigns match the time frame you intend to release the content.

Less I.T., More Marketing

Your customers go to your website to download press packets, images, and information. Putting your content in one place for social media ensures your image quality and hasn’t gone through revisions or size alterations and only the approved messaging is conveyed.  Your marketing base expands to followers of all the agencies around the world.

Curate All in One Place

Having your brand’s content readily accessible for agencies produces a streamlined process for everyone involved, from the corporate office to the agency on the street. ReliaPost helps you create a consistent message with your brand approved content allowing business owners to quickly advertise for you on their social media platforms while expanding your marketing reach.

Managing Your Brand Just Got Easier

With ReliaPost, you can offer quality content to your agencies while maintaining brand consistency. ReliaPost sets you up to align your marketing via consistently planned brand representation. You can let your clients spread their wings, knowing you are guiding their flight path.

Allow Your Business Owners to Engage Your End Users

When agencies post your approved content on their social media platforms, they act as your brand ambassadors and expand your marketing efforts. This gives your marketing team the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture while giving business owners in your industry the ability to answer end-user questions through social platforms. Most marketers cite spending 1-5 hours a week working on social media, granting your clients the opportunity to engage with the end user saves you countless hours.

Market Your Brand