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Align Social Ad Campaigns

Brands can now share social media posts and extend existing marketing platforms.

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Connecting Brands to Businesses

At ReliaPost, we know you want to have your national and local social media ad campaigns aligned. To meet this goal, collaboration with local businesses is vital, regardless of location. You’re frustrated with poor social media content shared by local businesses.  With ReliaPost, the process is simple.  We understand you want to  help local companies  be more successful and drive sales higer.  Sign up now to reap higher profits.


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Collaborate With Agencies in Your Brand’s Industry

Local businesses struggle to create content for social media pages.  Issues range from not having clear images to not being able to access strategic messaging.  The result is disjointed national and local ad campaigns dragging sales down. ReliaPost unites the brand’s national ad campaigns to the local small business while extending the brand’s marketing platform.  


Click Register Now to get started with ReliaPost, and connect your approved social content to local businesses and watch sales grow because you can finallycollaborate with local store owners.